Red Bull Mobile partnered with CIVITTA to revitalize its business model, aiming to enhance customer value and brand alignment. CIVITTA conducted analysis and facilitated a two-day workshop to explore new value propositions and business models, leveraging industry insights and customer needs to drive innovation.


Red Bull Mobile (RBM) is a subsidiary of Red Bull Media House that is partnering with various Mobile operators in order to extend their value proposition. After a number of launches in new markets, RBM was looking for a fresh look at their business model to be able to create more value to their customers and increase their contribution to the brand-love for the main Red Bull brand.


CIVITTA conducted analysis and expert interviews to gather business model & value proposition insights, industry trends, customer needs, and business model inspirations. CIVITTA then facilitated a 2-day workshop focused on developing new value propositions and business models based on these insights & inspirations with the wider RBM team.


The team identified 6 business model ideas and shortlisted 3 of them. Visualizations of the concepts and experiments were drafted and validated with senior executives of the Red Bull mother brand.  

Years: 2023
Country: Austria

Deliverables: 2-day business model innovation workshop, 10 experts interviewed, 6 business model ideas, 3 business model concepts visualized and tested with key stakeholders.

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