We fuel the new economy, guide ambitious entrepreneurs in scaling their companies – and equip organizations for what's next.

Our services

We do hackathons

We are hackathon masters, designing and organizing impactful hackathons across Europe. However, a hackathon is only part of the story; what happens before and after makes all the difference. We have extensive experience in healthcare, fintech, telecommunications, and sustainability, but we also embrace sectors where unorthodox approaches can change the game.

We do intrApreneurship

We support ambitious individuals looking to start their businesses through our entrepreneurship programs. Additionally, we help corporations design and execute effective intrapreneurship programs – enabling employees and teams to generate, test, and transform new ideas into valuable products and services for customers.

We do Innovation strategy

Our Innovation Healthcheck™ methodology identifies your innovation bottlenecks. Still stuck despite having everything on paper? We’ll pinpoint the obstacles to novel thinking and new product development. Then, we provide a step-by-step guide to help you get "unstuck."

We do INNOVATION Trainings

We immerse ourselves in your team, helping them understand and adopt new problem-solving approaches. Using our ‘idea garage’ ideation methodology, we assist them in generating innovative ideas. We demonstrate the value of design thinking for tackling pressing business challenges – and teach you how to apply and use it daily.


We have collaborated with hundreds of startups across various industries and geographies. Designing and executing open innovation programs, we tailor them to address your company's specific challenges. Seeking new technologies and solutions? We'll identify the best startups globally to address your most pressing needs.

We do Service design

Transform your customer experience with our service design expertise. We help you create seamless services that truly address your customers' real needs through extensive user insights. If your current business model is losing momentum, we assist in developing a new one.

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