Innovation strategy and planning


The project involves redeveloping old factory grounds into UNIT.City, an innovation park that combines offices and housing, setting high rent prices to attract startups, corporate labs, and R&D centers.


An investor is redeveloping old factory grounds into an innovation park combining offices and housing for an innovation ecosystem, setting high rent prices.


The strategy for the innovation ecosystem activation revolves around making UNIT.City the magnet for all ecosystem matters, and ensuring new business creation on premises.

UNIT.City is synonymous with innovation in Ukraine, hosting major events and having an almost full occupancy rate with predominantly startups, corporate labs and R&D centres. Several dozen new projects have been launched on premises.


Years: 2017
Countries: Ukraine

108 resident companies
420+ events annually
1000+ work desks
3 business buildings and coworking space "Chasopys.UNIT"
8 accelerators
4 laboratories
3 investments funds
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