Business model innovation


CIVITTA Slovakia collaborated with Knauf Insulation EE & ME to foster new business model development and innovation exploration. Through two workshops, ideas were generated based on end-user needs and trends, resulting in four detailed business models.


Knauf Insulation EE & ME region was striving to develop and test new business models that capture additional value. In addition, the leading insulation company wanted to learn about how startups and corporates approach innovation.


CIVITTA Slovakia conducted 2 business model innovation workshops with the key commercial management team from Knauf Insulation. Various business model ideas have been brainstormed based on end-users’ needs, trends & inspirational input, and a weak-spot analysis.


4 business models were detailed, and for each one, experiments with actual users and key stakeholders were conducted to test their most critical assumptions.

Year: 2021
Cities: Vienna, Prague


2 business model innovation trainings
+85 business model ideas
4 business model concepts + roadmap for validation (prototyping and user testing)
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