Entrepreneurship program


Our mission is to empower students and corporate teams with the skills that are necessary to transform their ideas into successful ventures.


Slovakia is facing problem of attracting and retaining talented university graduates. The client wanted to support the mindset shift of students towards entrepreneurship, maintain and engage talented students in Slovakia, and support universities in creating some upskilling programs. To achieve this, CIVITTA designed a comprehensive entrepreneurship program for university students. It aimed at establishing a self-sustaining system to encourage and cultivate the development of new businesses in the region.


CIVITTA developed and managed a 3-month long educational program for university students to foster a culture of entrepreneurship. Its aim was to build and strengthen skills with the potential to change participants' thinking and attitude toward innovation. Teams developed and tested their ideas to solve real-life challenges of end users using design thinking methods. In close cooperation with the client and partnering universities, CIVITTA helped to define and design the challenges. One of them was about increasing the financial literacy and improving the financial habits of young generation. The other one was related to the issue of how the students’ creativity, entrepreneurship, and practical skills could be supported during their college studies.


9 Challenges
17 Teams presented Innovative solutions
110+ Students and Corporate employees
20+ Mentors and Experts

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