Design thinking workshops


Roche Slovakia partnered with CIVITTA to enhance stakeholder engagement and inspire agile work principles. CIVITTA facilitated a collaborative workshop involving employees and external physicians, focusing on problem-solving in Slovak healthcare. The initiative generated patient-centric ideas and equipped participants with new tools for innovation.


Roche Slovakia was looking for new ways to engage with healthcare stakeholders, whilst inspiring the employees with new agile principles of work to support their transformation efforts.


CIVITTA worked closely with Roche Agile Transformation team to design and develop a short design-sprint co-creation workshop for all 70+ employees and 3 external physicians. CIVITTA helped Roche pre-define 6 problem areas in Slovak healthcare, organized and facilitated a half-day ideation design sprint, and provided new ideas for several patient-centric initiatives to be supported. Roche engaged physicians in the co-creation process. Physicians and employees were equipped with new ideation and problem-solving tools and patient-centric approaches.  


8 newly generated patient-centric initiatives to be explored  
3 concepts shortlisted & visualized
70+ employees participated
3 physicians trained
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